Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Best Potato Chips You'll Ever Eat

There's this contest hosted by OXO kitchen tools to win a bunch of their products, a trip to NYC (sadly anyone already here doesn't benefit from that part) and to "star" in their online videos.  I remember when Good Housekeeping discovered OXO with their first Good Buy award.  Sharon Franke, the unparalled expert of culinary tools large and small, was the first to celebrate their innovation -- and now OXO is pretty much ubiquitous.

So this ultimate potato chip recipe served double duty -- my contest entry at http://www.oxocontest.com/entry/view/167  and something to share here on S.D.

The origins: Remi is a wonderul Venetian restaurant in midtown that opened in the mid-'80s and is still going strong.  In the early days they offered these chips at the bar as liberally as other places put out salted nuts.  It was a great draw and created buzz about the new place as much as the innovative menu.

These are so delicious and so easy to make, I'm surprised they don't turn up more often.  You won't be disappointed.

Translucent, Transcendant Potato Chips with Herbs

Idaho potatoes
fresh herbs
salt and pepper

Peel and slice the potatos the long way very thinly on a mandolin (OXO makes a fine one with a good hand protector).  You want translucent.

Melt butter (plan on about 2 T. per potato) and butter a baking sheet well.  Lay out slices of potato on the sheet, close is okay but not touching.  Place a fresh herb leaf or leaves onto the slice.  Strong flavors like sage and rosemary (spikes only) are terrific tasting though any fresh herb is fine -- I used oregano and parsley too.  Add a couple of leaves if they are small.  Press them into the potato.  Lay another potato slice over the first and press down for good contact.  Brush top slice liberally with butter and give them all a good sprinkle of sea salt and cracked pepper. 

Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.  Halfway through take a peek -- if any of the top slices aren't adhereing to the bottoms use the back of a spoon to press them down.

They're done when browned around the edges and the herbs in the center are clearly visible.  That old ad slogan about not being able to eat just one applies here.

Act now while you still have some herbs growing out back!


  1. Love the recipe and can't wait to try it out myself. BUT if you're a New Yorker, OXO is still putting you up in a hotel and offering a stipend for the weekend (and we may have a treat or two in store for the local winners!).

    ~ OXO

  2. Well that's welcome news! Wish me luck, and let me know how the chips turn out. -- Sean

  3. Hi Sean. I loved your video so much that I recently ended up buying OXO's mandoline slicer! Of course, I voted for you. I really do hope you'll win the contest!


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